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Welcome one and all to this legacy! Shadows in the Woods is a legacy about supernaturals and the paranormal world of sims. All the heirs and spouses will be of the supernatural side of life. It will be heavy on sci-f/fantasy, and also heavy plot heavy. The next gen’s occult will be in a poll, in addition to heir polls, so you can help decide how the generations go 😉

This legacy is rated mature. There will be language, violence, sex, and all that jazz. Nothing too terribly explicit but it will be in this legacy. So if you’ll have problems with this, please do not continue. Sorry!

Also, note about how I do the supernaturals. I do not just give them their game version and let it be at that. You might find that faeries in my legacy can do things they can’t do in game, or there are multiple types of vampires, or, or, or. One big different is werewolves. To me werewolves have always been people who turn into WOLVES (not the alienistic furry things that I consider to be wolfmen). So my werewolves will be turning into wolves (a dog that hopefully looks wolfy enouh) during the full moon.

Gen One: Vilkas Danevbie-Greyson – Werewolf


Currently we are at: Generation One – Chapter Five

Links to my other stories will go here.


2 thoughts on “Home Page”

  1. Looking forward to your new story. I agree about the werewolves. It is the reason I don’t play them much.

    • Thanks! I am super excited about it. And yeah, I am almost always disappointed when I see werewolves in things. Even though I am not a Twilight fan and don’t like the movies, I do like their werewolves actually turned to wolves.

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